Tuesday, 23 July 2013

An Interview with Richard Steele

An Interview with Richard Steele. 
The story behind the stories   ALL ABOUT YOU

Q: What moved you to write erotic romance stories.

RichardWell my wife and I have always shared fantasies with each other so I thought it would make good erotic reading for others to share too and possibly encourage couples who for whatever reason don’t communicate their desires, to share their thought and fantasies with each other, which brings about a more fulfilling and exciting sex life for both parties, Sex with your partner can be the most fulfilling  thing if both partners enter into sexual fantasies, you can find out what turns your partner on and vice versa, the more you put in, the more you get out, for anyone sharing their sexual fantasies with their partner it is a very liberating experience.

Q: After reading “All about you” I was left with the question are these stories true?

RichardSome are and some are our fantasies.

Q: Which are fantasies and which are true life experiences?

Richard: You don’t expect me to tell you do you, A large part of the attraction of the book is that it could easily be true life, The stories are very easy to see how sexual people in a loving relationship enhance their sex life by living out their erotic dreams.

Q: What made you write purely about your wife? unlike most of other erotic story writers

Richard: Well, as comes over in “All about you” I adore her and want to fulfil all of her needs and sexual desires as she does mine, what could be more loving, exciting and erotic than having each other sexual desires met totally?

Q: Do you set boundaries as a couple in your experiences?

Richard: Yes, we both know through sharing fantasies how far we are comfortable going, beyond that point is a no no but you can go as far as you want in fantasy, we are lucky to have the same outlook on sex so our boundaries are the same.

Q: Now I understand that you have a follow up toAll about you

Richard: Yes it will be out on Amazon Kindle around the start of July 2013, The title is “Imagine Me & You” and it does what is says on the tin, Its erotic sexual fantasies or maybe erotic sexual life experiences of my wife and I, You`ll have to draw you own conclusions.


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  1. It sounds like you guys are a wonderful match. And I agree with so much of what you explain in this post!